In the field of design "Dyakov Studio" Ltd. offers the following services:

  • Complete design objects - II, III, IV and V category:
  • Evaluation of investment projects;
  • Technical control of “Construction" of the investment project;
  • Preparation of the design process;
  • Coordination of the design and construction process;
  • Procedures for coordination and approval of the investment project;
  • Provision of preliminary contracts with the operating companies;
  • Project management;
  • Management of the communication between participants in the design and construction process;
  • Preparation of floor-plan;
  • Control the quality of the entire design and construction process;
  • Pre-project studies, management of the construction process;
  • Investment control;

Preliminary feasibility studies:

  • Review of the Act and / or other proprietary documents/- Verification of the deed and / or other documents of title;
  • Providing updated sketch of the property and an analysis of the possibility for implementation of the investment plan;
  • Produce a reasoned proposal or a detailed development plan; Provide the sketch of the property specified by way of construction and analysis of the feasibility of the investment plan;
  • Receiving of exact coordinate of the property as determined by the geographical information systems; geodetic surveying of the land, comparison with the cadastral survey and the geological report; coordination (certification) of the visa with the utilities - electricity, water and sewerage system, gas supply, BTC

Design: Manufacture of architectural design / conceptual and detailed /; coordination of the project with all operating companies;

Building permit: submission of project documentation in Municipal government for project approval and issuance of a building permit;

Construction: Investigation of building estimate, cost estimate; Preparation and implementation of tender documents and procedures; Include selection of the architect and award of construction contracts. 

All phases of construction: opening of the construction site; construction and installation; acceptance of the building structure - Application Form, Form 14/15 Act, establishing the acceptability of the construction; Act Form 16, which establishes the suitability for use of the building.

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